LaMora Massacre Families Request US Support

As the families affected by the cartel murders in Northern Mexico search for their next course of action, a plan to “Caravan to Washington” has been discussed at length. As American citizens, the families seek to find ways to keep this tragedy in the public consciousness, that their beloved wives and children will not have died in vain.

There are three essential goals of the “Caravan to Washington.” The first is to continue to raise awareness regarding the gravity of the current situation in Mexico, which is having real effects not only on the 1.5 million American citizens currently living in Mexico, but has caused an increase in crime and insecurity that spills over the US border in the form of the violent gangs and distribution networks that work directly with and under the cartels.

Secondly, it is an attempt to shine a light on the fact that there has been an average of almost a hundred murders a day in Mexico since the beginning of 2018 due to the terrorist organizations that currently operate there with almost complete impunity. Many experts predict it will only get worse unless a more aggressive stance is taken by Mexico and Washington. While we fully respect the sovereignty of Mexico in the governing of its citizens, we recognize that we are dealing with an international crisis that will require the cooperation of both governments to make any real difference.

The third purpose is to express our gratitude to the FBI and our elected officials in the US, including President Trump and several US Senators, as well as many members of US law enforcement and the US Border Patrol, who have expressed condolences and offered support to our families in this difficult time. Many of these individuals have bravely taken a strong stance in their efforts to have the Mexican cartels officially labeled as the murderous terrorist groups that they are. We strongly support this initiative. We would also be looking to use the possible platform in order to publicly thank the American people for their prayers and support during the aftermath of the LaMora massacre.

It is our firm belief that between the increased violence they cause in the US and the poison they market and provide each day to the American people in the form of illegal drugs, the Mexican cartels pose a greater security risk to the American people than most other official terrorist groups combined. We absolutely reject the idea that they don't have a political agenda, as it has been clearly proven that they currently influence the Mexican government on far too many levels. Their goal is to gain enough political power as to create a "Narco State" in Mexico in order to ensure that they can continue to operate their dark empires without condemnation or consequence.

The “Caravan to Washington” has been postponed, and a plan has been proposed that we start a petition with the goal of gathering enough signatures to secure an official response from the White House that we may hope to procure an invitation to discuss our concerns with members of the Administration. A “Caravan to the Capital” is still very much on the table, as we have graciously been extended invitations to discuss our concerns with members of Congress, but our communities have opted to start with a petition to the President first.

Although ideas differ as to the best strategies to pursue in our efforts to promote awareness and create change, our families and communities are resolute in their determination to not let the death of our loved ones be in vain. We will not rest until we have seen justice served, nor will we be thwarted in our plans to promote liberty and security until finally our collective governments draw a firm line to establish that the act of murdering innocent women and children will no longer be met with impunity, especially the murder of American citizens!

Bryan LeBaron